Car Parks

In any carparking application, and in particular indoor carparking, lighting cost often represent the vast majority of overheads, often as much as 90%. A second key consideration is security, particularly in terms of surveillance.

When selecting the right lighting product to use in these environments, colour rendering is crucial. All light should assist security measures as much as possible. In this respect, Pharos products can provide the ideal solution. Their variety of colour temperatures and luminosity can be tailored to meet any particular lighting requirement. This leads to more effective surveillance, both in person and through a CCTV medium.

In addition to the quality of light emitted, Pharos LEDs can provide substantial cost savings, often as much as 65% when compared to conventional lighting. Due to the long operational hours associated with lighting in the car parking environment a return on investment can often be achieved in less than two years.

car park lighting

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