Suitable lighting is an absolute necessity within the Warehouse environment for two key reasons, cost and functionality.

Within any warehouse environment, the operational cost of lighting can represent a huge portion of total overheads. Through surveys conducted by Pharos, we have found that in many cases, warehouse lighting can account for up to 80% of the onsite electricity usage.

Secondly, the quality of light needs to be of a standard which facilitates efficient working practices and health and safety procedures.

Pharos LED’s provide a solution to both these needs. Our products can be up to 70% more energy efficient that conventional industrial lighting. In most cases, we find that the customer can achieve a return on investment inside three years. Often the payback period is considerably shorter once the reduced maintenance and disposal costs have been accounted for.

The light colour generated from Pharos products can be adapted so as to maximise luminosity and colour rendering. This leads to a brighter, safer working environment. As an additional health benefit, the warehouse can also become a more comfortable work space as the light emitted is closer to natural sunlight than conventional lighting.